Silicon Solar Lamp

Silicon Solar Lamp

A Silicon Solar Lamp is a great end of year gift. It’s great features is what makes these wonderful lamps a must have. It acts as a lamp and handler. Owning one of these silicon solar lamps will be great fun especially on dark nights when you’re out camping with your loved ones. Having that it comes in a range of colours makes it even more great to have.


Silicon Solar Lamps are great gift ideas because:

  • Easy to store and fold after usage
  • Bright light makes for a great reflection
  • Is chargeable with a USB cable for quick power
  • Can charge with a power bank
  • Is waterproof
  • Solar Panel
  • Break resistant
  • Comes in a Range of colours

Silicon Solar Lamp


This makes for a perfect end of year gift and is absolutely convenient to have for those days when you just want to be outdoors in the dark. This lamp is waterproof and chargeable with a USB cable or power bank making it a perfect gift for camping. Being a break resistant item adds the sparkle to it’s grand features.It also brightens up making it good to have in dark nights especially when face with loadshedding.


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