Business Tech

Business tech South Africa- The business world has become one filled with gadgets and technology.

No longer will you find papers stacked on every desk or folders piling up. Rather, we now have overflowing inboxes and full flash drives. We have quickly moved on to the digital desk.

As the corporate world grows and changes, we find more and more tech items to help in daily office life. Making work more efficient, these modern tools allow you to get the most out of your work day. Minimalizing time and effort, these let you take some hassle out of your environment.

A stylus pen is a great tool for the creative in your company, constantly taking notes or editing designs. Perfect for day to day work, this lets you swap between a pen and stylus. A great tool for anyone working on tablets, iPads or other multimedia devices.

Business Tech

Another business tech item that many overlook, you need a good quality USB selection. Used daily in every office, this is a tool your business cannot run without. Important for every member of staff, these make daily work and transferring a breeze. Whether bringing a presentation to a meeting or simply storing work, a USB should be at your side at all times.

Business Tech

The new face of business, tech for the office comes in all shapes and sizes. Fulfilling a host of needs every day of the week, this business tech helps your business run smoothly.

For a cool range of gadgets for the office, check out the premium suppliers in South Africa. With branding and colouring, these are items perfectly suited to your business.

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Metal Flash Drives South Africa

Metal Flash Drives South Africa- A brilliant way to give out a branded corporate gift to staff or clients, these Metal Flash Drives South Africa make for great branded gifting items to have close at hand during for when you need your data or work. A brilliant giveaway item, these can also be preloaded with pamphlets, projects or portfolios, making them perfect for handing out to prospective clients or customers.


3 Reasons why these are great metal memory sticks

  1. 4GB size- larger can be ordered
  2. Stylish laser engraving
  3. Cost-effective gifting item

Metal Flash Drives South Africa

A cost-effective promotional item that comes in handy everyday around the office, school or university, the unique Key USB is a stylishly engraved key shaped USB that fits perfectly on your key ring for ultimate convenience.  Available in a range of sizes, running from 2GB to 16GB, this is a custom engraved USB item that can promote your brand endlessly with every use. Wonderful to use as a small token of congratulations for first time car or house owners, these are not only symbolic but also very practical in day to day life.

Don’t miss out on these awesome metal flash drives South Africa, e-mail now to order your specially branded promotional items.

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Slim Executive Power Bank

Slim Executive Power Bank South Africa- A fantastic corporate technology gadget for important clients and staff members, the Slim Executive Power Bank is a slim and sophisticated mobile power bank that has enough power to charge compact mobile devices like cell phones and compact cameras, never losing power when you need it. With a durable and good looking aluminium alloy design that can fit into any handbag or briefcase with ease.

3 Reasons why this is a wonderful executive gift

  1. 3-in-1 charging cable
  2. Aluminium alloy design
  3. 4000mAh capacity

slim executive power bank

A fantastic item for businessmen or women who are constantly on the move, this is the perfect promotional item to have by your side while travelling the world. An executive client gift that can be stylishly engraved or printed with your corporate logo and brand name, this is a power bank that comes in handy day after day, whether around the office or at home. With a bright LED capacity indicator and a small range of colours available, this is a great corporate technology item that is perfect for the modern business world.

Colour options

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Black

Don’t miss out on the awesome slim executive power bank from Brand Innovation. E-mail now to order yours.


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Headlamps South Africa- A useful outdoors item, perfect to give as a branded gift, these bright LED Headlamps are ideal to give as a thoughtful corporate gift. A fairly cost-effective gift that comes in handy throughout the holidays, especially for the avid adventurers, this is comes in handy for any camping or outdoor enthusiast. A small item with a durable plastic design, this is a popular branded item throughout South Africa.

3 Reasons why this is a great branded item

  1. 12 hour torch time
  2. Durable ABS design
  3. Strong LED light


A durable torch option the LED headlamps have a funky blue design. Whether out in the wilderness or just getting through loadshedding with a bit of light, a bright headlamp comes in handy time and time again. With a snug fitting strap and a comfortable wear this is a much loved item that can be used anywhere, anytime. A popular item with trail runners and hikers, this makes lighting your way easy, keeping your hands free to do as you wish.

Don’t miss out on the awesome branded Headlamps, e-mail now to order yours.

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Best Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones South Africa- An awesome gifting item, a wonderful new addition to the extensive Brand Innovation technology range, the awesome Integer Deluxe Bluetooth Headphones are modern looking Bluetooth headphones that give out crystal clear audio with every use. Great for a meaningful client gift, perfect for promoting a tech-savvy brand culture, these are gifts to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

3 Reasons why these are awesome gifting headphones

  1. 10m range
  2. Six hours playback time
  3. High quality presentation box

An awesome branded gift that has a wonderfully modern design, this awesome headphone set has a sleek and sexy black finish with branding allowed along the band. With an awesome quick button design on the right hand side ear piece, changing songs and adjusting volume has never been easier, just touch the side of the headphones to adjust. With funky blue lights and a wonderfully snug and comfortable fit, these are a great for making meaningful connections with important clients.

Don’t miss out on the Best Bluetooth Headphones, e-mail to order your branded gifts now.

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Desk Fridge

Desk Fridge South Africa- A fantastic desktop item that is perfect for any office, the Polar Desk Fridge is compact, six can fridge that can even plug into a cars cigarette lighter if needed. Perfect for long working days or even keeping a few drinks cold on a road trip adventure, this is an entirely thoughtful gift that is simply wonderful to have.

3 Reasons why this is a great corporate gift

  1. Available in three colour options
  2. Can fit six cans
  3. Made from aluminium and ABS

A small fridge than can be set to both warm and cold when needed, it is made from sturdy material and is perfect for corporate branding. Looking like a 60s fridge, this stylish desk friend is a great way to keep juice or energy drinks cool during a long working day. A great staff gift that is sure to be loved and remembered, these are brilliant to use and stunning when branded.

Don’t miss out on the awesome Desk Fridge, e-mail now to get yours.

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Order Mobile Speakers Online-Technology Gadgets

Order Mobile Speakers Online-Technology Gadgets

Mobile Speakers South Africa- Mobile speakers are a wonderful mobile item that is great as an end of year gift or a gift for executives. A bluetooth speaker is an easy to use item perfect for relaxing to some of your favourite songs. A fantastic branded gift for the executive client, this is a brilliant way to promote your brand through quality enjoyment.Our speakers come in different shapes and sizes.

iFidelity Bluetooth Speaker

3 Reasons why this is an awesome mobile speaker option:

  1. Built-on microphone
  2. Hands free phone call pick-up function
  3. Branding can be branded with a four colour pad print

A fantastic item that lets you take your favourite songs along for the journey, this is brilliant for the outdoors or even as a desktop speaker at work. A stylish promotional item that is great to look at, this is a functional way to promote your brand and a much loved gift for clients.

With a sleek finish and design, this is clever item that comes in handy throughout the holiday season. An item clients will love to show off, this is a brilliant marketing tool for any occasion.

Get these awesome mobile speakers now, contact us today to order yours.


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New York Power Bank

New York Power Bank South Africa- An amazing new product to join the Brand Innovation range in South Africa, the stylish New York 8000mAh Power Bank is an fantastic mobile charger option, perfect for your executive clients or staff members.


  • Battery: Lithium Polymer
  • Capacity: 8000mAh
  • Input: DC 5V / 1A
  • Output1: DC 5V / 1A
  • Output2: DC 5V / 2.1A
  • Zip-up case
  • 4-in-1 cable
  • Instruction manual
  • Free 1A wall adapter

Portable charger

A brilliant branded power bank with an incredibly smooth feel to it, the New York Power Bank is an executive branded technology gift that is sure to make a statement as to the thoughtful nature of your brand- giving out items that can be used day after day. A useful marketing product, one that comes in handy day after day, this awesome power bank gives you what you need to never lose power to your mobile devices when you need them. Whether away on business or just taking the family out on a weekend, you can charge your phone or tablet with endless ease with the amazing New York Power Bank.

Presented in a stunning zip-up pouch, covered in faux leather, this awesome power bank option is a perfect gift option for the corporate environment as its stylish design and functional nature give it daily applications around the office. With a handy 4-in-1 cable as well as a strong power output of 8000mAh, allowing for a wide range of devices to be charged, this is an ideal item to have around- especially at the office.

With a free 1A wall adapter as well as a large area available for branding, this is a highly functional client or staff gift that is sure to be loved. Making daily life a breeze, taking care of your device power no matter where you may be, a strong portable charger is the best way ensure you never lose connection to your mobile devices.

For this amazing branded power bank, e-mail now.

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Technology Gifts for Men

Technology gifts for men can make for the perfect corporate idea when considering end of year gifts for staff members or clients. Men love acting rough and tough, getting outdoors in nature and experiencing all that the world has to offer, especially the South African man. For this reason we have put together a list of technology gifts for men that are sure to leave a lasting impact- whether gifting clients or staff members.

For the man who loves music and all things audio, the iFidelity Soundwave Bluetooth Speaker is an awesome wireless speaker that allows you to take your favourite tracks with you wherever you go.  Delivering crystal clear sound, put out from a good-looking body that is an ideal setting for your corporate logo design.

The iFidelity Bluetooth Speaker features:

  • Material: ABS
  • 95 ( l ) x 4.4 ( w ) x 6 ( h )
  • built-in microphone
  • supports playback from Bluetooth compatible audio devices
  • speaker phone call pick-up function
  • 5mm audio input cable included
  • internal, rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • Recharges via USB cable ( included )
  • Aux Cable included

Another awesome branded item that is strong and durable, the Zoom Energy Extreme is a wonderful gift for the man on the move. A hardy device that is built for adventure and the great outdoors, its thick cover allows it to be scratch and impact resistant. A brilliant item for the working man, this wonderfully useful gadget allows you to keep your mobile devices fully powered no matter where you may find yourself.

The Zoom Energy Extreme features:

  • Compatibility: iPad/tablet, iPhone, game console, Android/Windows phone, iPod touch/music device
  • Size: 10.2(l) x 5.3(w) x 2.8(h)
  • Capacity: 5600mAh, weight: 180g
  • Input Current: 5V 1A
  • Output Current: 5V 2.1A
  • Discharge Time: 6-7hrs
  • Recharge Time: 6-7hrs
  • Standby time: up to 6 months
  • Accessories: Micro USB cable, carabiner
  • Charges itself and smartphones at the same time
  • Shake power bank to check the remaining battery life
  • Impact, splash and dust resistant with built in LED flashlight

Lastly, the Trance Headphones. These fantastically comfortable headphones not only give you perfect sound quality, but also allow for a large branding area perfect for a custom gift for clients or executives. A great item that lets you enjoy the music wherever you go, these are thoughtful and useful branded gift options that clients are sure to love. A youthful way to promote a brand through gifting, these are especially popular within the music industry as well as for sports teams and societies.

The Trance Headphones feature:

  • ABS & PVC
  • compatible with all audio devices
  • 5mm audio jack
  • Large branding area

For these and other amazing branded technology gifts for men, e-mail us at

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Selfie Stick Suppliers

Selfie Stick Suppliers

Selfies! Selfies! Selfies! More selfies! Don’t we just love capturing our selfie moments with family, friends, colleagues or just  ourselves. Selfies are the new trend of capturing those unforgettable moments you would like to remember for the rest of your life.


Taking a selfie can be a challenge especially in a group photo. Selfie sticks are made to make it easy to take those lovely selfies you love.  A selfie stick is designed to give you extra reach so you can take great group photos without looking like you had to put too much effort to capture your memorable moments.


Selfie Sticks are Cool because:

  • Creates great angles
  • Unique extendable pics
  • Unique pictures


selfie stick south africa

Selfie sticks are part of the new revolution of modern gadgets.  To offer a selfie stick as a promotional product will please those it is offered to. This is because it has become more than just a selfie stick but a revolution. A trend we all need to have somewhere with us to take those key pics.


Life without a selfie these days, is like life on a desert without any water to drink. So it is clear that a selfie stick is a must have gadget for everyone.


To order one of our selfie sticks, send us an email or give us a call on 0861 111 954

For more of our promotional products, visit our website on Brand

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