Card Holder For Back Of Phone

Card Holder For Back Of Phone

You ever think of those days when you can’t find your train, work access card? Bad moments right? If there was something invented to make carrying cards safely and being able to conveniently find them-now wouldn’t that be great! Not having to scratch in your bag to find that card!


Card holders for back of your phones are designed to make the carrying of cards easy and less complicated. You just attach it to the back of your phone and put those cards in card holder to hold. They come in a range of colours and your preferred branding or logo of your company on it. Anyone with a cellphone can use them form students, to businessmen.


Adhesive Silicone Phone Wallet

Why are card holders great gifts?

  • Convenient
  • Easy to use
  • Material-Silicone
  • Variety of colours

These are great as card holders for all your cards that you might need on an urgent day. Now is the right time to order yours and join in the convenience.

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