Technology Gadgets South Africa

Technology Gadgets South Africa

It is often difficult to look for adequate corporate and holiday gifts. Brand Innovation has just what you are looking for.Our range of technology gadgets are perfect. Our gadgets are creative and innovative. They will be used over and over again. We supply, brand and deliver door to door throughout South Africa.

Brand Innovation supplies the latest technology gadgets in South Africa. These new technology gadgets make great corporate gifts for companies who like to stay ahead of the game. A corporate gift is a great way to thank a client and is bound to be well received as the gift will add value to their life in some way or another. For more information on the technology gadgets we stock, please visit Brand Innovation

Who can invest in corporate gifts:

Are you looking to thank your clients in a meaningful way? Corporate gifts are used in all industries and by all individuals. Corporate gifts are given to clients to say thank you for their continued support. It is a good idea to invest in corporate gifts because it has the ability to increase sales, customer and brand awareness. It also shows your clients that you take customer service seriously and that you care about your clients.

Providing corporate gifts will also affect brand loyalty. If you provide corporate gifts that will add value to one’s life, there is a chance the client will continue to support you business. A business constantly needs to think about marketing their business in a creatively and innovative way.

Why should one invest in corporate gifts:

Do you want to make a good impression? Our corporate gifts are perfect. Corporate gifts are a great way to say thank you to clients for the continued support. The client will also appreciate the effort you have taken to give them something. When deciding on end of year corporate gifts, one needs to choice wisely. The corporate gift needs to add value to their life and make it easier, if possible. All our technology gadgets will be able to offer some sort of value. We highly recommend our car gadgets, power banks, our unique usb gadgets and our innovative solar technology gadgets. Ensure that you brand your corporate gifts with you company logo as this will ultimately create brand recognition and brand awareness. Invest in corporate gifts. Invest in your brand.

We want corporate gifts to work for you and your business. A business invests in corporate gifts hoping that it will work in their favour and result in continued support from the client. Supplying corporate gifts to your clients should be viewed as a marketing tool. It can be seen as a marketing tool because the client will use the product often in the presence of other people and will be able to tell them about your business and the products and/or services it offers.

We want the client to recommend your products and/or services to others and boast about your customer service. You want the client to refer you business to others.

We have a range of exciting and innovative products that are perfect as high-end corporate gifts. Please view our range of technology gadgets below:

Our Range of Technology Items Include:

Car Gadgets:

Car chargers are essential for those who are always on the move. Brand Innovation offers a large selection of gadgets that can be used in your car. We offer a number of chargers for phones and car phone holders. It is a good idea to brand these gadgets with your company logo for a lasting effect. Our car gadgets work well as a corporate gift because everyone needs them. Phone batteries do not last for a long time and we need to encourage people to use a phone holder in their cars because too many people have accidents because of phone related issues such as texting.

Power Banks:

Our phone batteries are always dying and many wish they owned a power bank.Your client will enjoy being gifted with a power bank because they will be able to use it every day. It will become their number one gadget on long-distance flights and drives. Brand Innovation supplies a variety of power banks that come in different shapes and have different styles. Ensure you brand your company logo on the power bank as it will ensure brand awareness.

Why you should include the power bank in your marketing strategy:

  1. Since our phone batteries are continually dying, the power bank is the perfect gadget. The branded power bank can maximize your marketing campaign because it will be used all the time.
  2. It is a creative and unique marketing tool
  3. It tells the client that you are thoughtful and have taken their needs into account as it is something they need
  4. It is easy to pack away


Technology Gadgets South Africa

Headphones, Earphones and Wireless Headphones:

Headphones, Earphones and Wireless headphones is perfect as a corporate gift. They are ideal gadget for the client that spends a lot of their time on long-distance flights. Headphones are a must-have to listen to music and podcasts on the go. Our headphones are extremely lightweight and are easy to store away. Brand Innovation has a wide selection of headphones, earphones and wireless headphones. Headphones, earphones and wireless headphones serve as the perfect corporate gift. These type of gadgets will continuously be used over and over again. People use headphones, earphones and wireless headphones everyday. These gifts show that you are thoughtful and care about your client.

It is important these headphones are branded with your company logo to ensure brand recognition and brand awareness. Most often, people ask others where they got there products from.There is a great chance that your clients with show off their new headphones,earphones and wireless headphones to others, therefore branding is imperative. This could lead to potential clients and sales for your business.

One always needs to think what will you get in return for your marketing efforts. We believe that if you are creative and unique in your marketing strategy, there is a greater chance for return on investment.

Solar Technology:

A solar technology charger is a sought after corporate gift. South Africa often has electricity outages, make sure the outages don’t halt your productivity on your electronic devices.Brand Innovation has a suberb collection of solar technology. Our solar technology chargers are innovative and creative. Our solar technology charges come in a variety of shapes and styles. Our solar technology work as corporate gift because they are creative and work for clients that travel a lot and send a large portion of their day connected to electronic devices. Brand the solar technology gadget with your company logo so that you know that every time the client uses the device, they will think about your company and the products and/or services you offer.

At the end of each year, companies find it difficult to think of creative gifts. The solar technology chargers are creative, innovative and have a feel of luxury attached to them. Place them in the sun to get them charging. Easy and convenient. Order your gadget today!


We stock ordinary speakers and Bluetooth speakers. The cool speakers come in various shapes, styles, makes and colours. Our speakers are suitable for smartphones and tablets. We think a speaker will be a perfect corporate gift as it can be used over and over again, and in many environments. Every time the client uses the speaker, they will be reminded of your business. We want your marketing efforts to pay off for you and the speaker will do exactly that. People are constantly listening to music and sharing music with others. Brand a speaker with your company logo for the perfect end of year corporate gift for clients.

Why we would enjoy a speaker as a corporate gift:

  1. They are stylish and come in vibrant colours and styles
  2. The come in different shapes and sizes and can be used with different gadgets. The size makes they easy to transport
  3. It is the go-to gadget over the holiday season; as you can use it to listen to music with your friends.

Unique USB Gadgets:

We stock USB flash drives, USB hubs and USB plugs. Our unique USB gadgets make the ideal corporate gift as make the world of difference. The credit card USB serves as an excellent marketing tool that will attract the attention of the client. The USB flash drives are a modern take on the traditional business cards.You can pre-load the USB with promotional information, information about product releases and specials and discounts.

Our USB hubs are a must-have gadget. The USB hubs are trendy and can be used to charge a variety of gadgets all at once. We highly recommend the USB hub as your end of year corporate gift. The USB hubs are great corporate gifts and your clients will be highly impressed and thankful for the useful gift.

Technology Gadgets South Africa

We also have a wide selection of USB plugs that you can order for your clients.

Brand the unique USB gadgets with your company logo today. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your end of year gifts.

Our unique USB gadgets are great because:

  1. They are ideal for clients that spend a lot of their time travelling; they can easily charge their gadgets without worrying about plugging their gadgets into a plug socket to charge
  2. They are easy to use
  3. You can charge a number of gadgets all at once, which makes it convenient

The Selfie Stick

The selfie stick is a gadget that can be used by everyone. The selfie stick is a must-have during the holidays. It allows you to get the whole family in the picture and allows you to get wide-angled pictures. It is a unique gadget as it has an extendable mono pod for you cellphone. It is creative corporate gift for clients. The selfie stick has been a huge hit and your clients will love this as a corporate gift. Brand your company logo on the selfie stick so that your clients are reminded about your business and its offerings. Clients will enjoy using this product as it allows you to take fun pictures and videos. Your clients can use the selfie stick to take pictures and videos that your cellphone camera would not be able to capture.

The selfie stick created waves in the technology industry in 2014 for all the right reasons. The selfie stick is incredibly innovative, creative and cost-effective. Brand the selfie stick with a company logo for a special touch.

Brand Innovation also stocks tablet cases, tablet stands, stylus pens and cases for all your technology gadgets. We have something for everyone. Place your orders today and wow your clients.

We supply all of these awesome products branded with your company logo. Contact us to place an order.

Clients will appreciate a branded corporate gift.

Brand Innovation is one of the leading suppliers of the latest technology products in the corporate market. If you are looking for new, innovative and unique marketing products, our range of technology items are ideal. Oder your corporate gifts online today.

Car Dash Camera:

Car dash cameras are must-have gadgets. It allows you to check and rewind, should anything happen to your car. Please contact us for more information.


Brand corporate gifts with your company logo to add a special touch. We want your corporate gifts to lead to increased sales and interest in your business.

If you are looking for corporate gifts but are not sure if we stock the particular item, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. If you have no idea what to corporate gifts to order, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you through the process. We want the order process to be hassle through and stress free.


Contact us via email, or give us a call on 0861 111 954. We look forward to assisting you with your orders.


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