Branded Headphones

The Sound of Corporate Gifting

When considering corporate gifting or branded marketing items, it is always imperative that the product you choose not only promotes your brand well, but also gives clients and customers an item that they can out to use as often as possible- a branded set of headphones is exactly that. Wireless or wired, bulky or slim, a well branded set of headphones is a brilliant way to show off your brand in a meaningful way, giving out an item that is loved and used by all. A popular choice in corporate gifting circles, these are gifts that more often than not achieve complete brand exposure.

An especially popular set of headphones around the audio industry, radio in particular, the Frequency Radio Headphones is a high quality set that allow for well placed strategic branding on each ear side. The fold-able headphones are wonderful due to the fact that when folded take up half the space, as well as minimize the chances of breaking or being damaged. An item that has an everyday use, headphones when branded can be an ideal way to market a brand, with unlimited exposure every time a set is used, the marketing reach of such a useful device is limitless. Whether given to clients or as promotional items, these superbly branded headphones are sure to put a spring in  your step.

frequency headphones mini


Another great branded headphone set, the Bass Headphones are a sturdy and reliable headphone set that give supreme comfort. A design similar to the more traditional headphone design, these high quality headphones allow for complete audio enjoyment. A great way to promote your brand through corporate gifting, these useful and functional items serve an everyday purpose in today’s modern, technology driven life. Something that clients and customers will love to use and show off, this is a branded item perfect for showing of the more modern side of a brand.

bass headphones


Another great headphone set perfect for branding opportunities, the Trance Headphones are a folded headphone set that allow for compact and easy storage without the worry of breaking or damaging the set. A sturdy product with great branding space on either side, these headphones are a brilliant way to market your brand across the country while still giving out a marketing item that is functional and useful. An item that very few people go without these days, headphones can maximize brand exposure and also show off a more fun loving side of a brand. Perfect for the music industry or radio, the comfortable headphones are great brand ambassadors.



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