What is a Power Bank?

Power Bank Portable Chargers

A portable charger or power bank is a branded marketing item like no other. With so many applications in today’s modern business world, there is no doubt that something like a portable power bank can be an ideal bridge between a brand and its clients. A power bank is a portable charger that can be charged either from a power point or another device like a desk top computer. With a range available there are also solar options meaning you can also charge it through sun light. Power banks give you electricity on the move, ensuring your mobile devices have power when you need them.

A brilliant and very relevant product in South Africa these days, a power bank ensure that your mobile devices are charged and ready whenever you need them, allowing for on the move connectivity at all times. A wonderful way to survive loadshedding or charge your phone on route to an important meeting, not to mention it makes the perfect travel buddy on a weekend away or a business trip. A branded product that speaks volumes to the attitude and ethos of your own brand, a modern and stylish gift like this is something that clients and staff can use on a daily basis- a gift that fulfills a real and relevant  need.

The Promocell Solar Power Bank, a wonderfully handy way to keep devices charged and ready, is a compact solar power bank that can be branded with your own vibrant logo or brand name. Perfect for a weekend away, when you need to ensure you can still stay connected on your devices, the solar power bank allows you to harness the sun rather than find a plug point, meaning it has a use no matter where you go- it can even be a life saver at times, offering you power when there is none around to take. The front side of the charger is available for branding, and to to the use of renewable energy it also has a ‘green’ aspect to it, making it not only entirely useful but also acts as a statement telling the public what your corporate priorities may be.

Another great product from the power bank range, the Zoom Energy Extreme power bank is a strong and sturdy portable charger option perfect for the outdoor enthusiast. With an impact, splash and dust resistant cover to keep it safe and working, this awesome device has some nifty functions to make your charging experience all the more easy- for example a quick shake will check the remaining battery life so there is no need to plug in or take it apart. A good looking device perfect for corporate branding, it gives clients and staff something they can utilise on a day to day basis, whether climbing Table Mountain in Cape Town, or Navigating the Drakensberg, or even just charging your phone on the way to a meeting, this will ensure you are never without your mobile devices.

zoom energy extreme

Another sleek and sexy portable charger option, the Essential Branded Power Bank is a compact and completely customisable charger that serves its purpose like a dream. With full colour and complete branding allowance, as well as complete freedom on box styling and design, this awesome power bank is a corporate branding solution like no other. Perfect for charging up your phone during the day or while on the move, it can fit in a pocket with ease, making it something you can keep on your person always.

essential custom power bank


For all your portable charging needs, a branded power bank gives you electricity at your fingertips. The perfect gift for clients and staff alike, these power banks are sure to turn heads.

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