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Why I would like to receive the travel organizer as a gift

The travel organizer available from Brand Innovation is a travel/organizing bag specifically for all your technology appliances.  We all spend so much money on our cellphones, laptops, speakers and chargers, and end up loosing half the things that go with them.  If I had somewhere to put all of these gadgets, it would prevent me from losing / misplacing anything.  As well as save me from having to spend more money on something which is expensive to buy in the first place.

The travel organizer is obviously great for travelling and being on the go. I always like to have everything in its own place so I don’t have to reorganize throughout my trip.  Once you use any of your technology items, you can just return it to its specific place/ compartment.

Apart from this it’s also useful for our everyday lives. It can be used as storage compartment, and simply be slipped in a drawer or under a bed and the travel organizer will reduce the amount of clutter that fills up our homes.

Elleven Travel Organizer Case

The Elleven Travel Organizer

Its features include:

  • 2 zip up compartments
  • built in tech-trap

The tech-trap is fantastic for smaller gadgets such as your iPod, flash drives, chargers and cellphones.

Secondly, it has a bigger compartment which is great for bigger chords, such as a laptop charger as well as anything else you might need to travel such as a small diary, or a travel wallet, or important documents such as your passport.

The elleven travel organizer is also a great size to be able to put in your hand luggage so you don’t have to worry about it being damaged in your main luggage. You can have all your expensive and valuable items near you all the  time.  When giving a gift, I always prefer to receive something useful, instead of something that is just bought and put at the back of a cupboard.

What colour is it available in?

  • Black

It can also be branded with a logo or phrase of your choice.

Gifting is always great when it’s personalized!

For more information on our travel organizers as well as other tech- products please see our website at

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