Waterproof Tablet Bag – Technology Gadgets South Africa

Waterproof Tablet Bag – Technology Gadgets South Africa

It is often difficult to find a product that is creative and innovative. Are you looking for a product that your clients will use over and over again? You have come to the right place! The waterproof tablet bag is perfect. It is creative, innovative and will be used all the time. Brand waterproof tablet bags with a company name, contact details and a logo for a special effect. Your clients will love a waterproof tablet bag. This product will become their go-to bag for all their electronic devices.


Waterproof Tablet Bag – AMCAM 52835

Features of the waterproof tablet bag:

  • 34,6 x 23,1 x 0,6
  • Plastic waterproof cover
  • two zippers
  • push buttons 

The waterproof tablet bag is a useful product for people of all ages. Place your tablet inside and take it with you to the beach. Make your bag watertight by folding the edges twice and closing the push buttons. You can use your tablet on the beach or poolside without worrying about it getting wet. Brand this cool sleeve to create more visibility for your brand. What better way to promote your product than at the beach.

Important Info

  • Plastic
  • water tight-seal

Top promo tips

  • Cool promotional gift for students and clients
  • Suberb end of year gift for executive clients
  • Clients will use this as a travel bag for electronic devices

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