Anti-tangle Earphones

Anti-tangle earphones are hard to find. With so many different earphones available on the market how do you choose? No more worrying, Brand Innovation is here to help! We have a great range of cool compact earphones to choose from. Visit Technology Gadgets for more options.

Why we love Swiss Cougar earphones?

The Swiss cougar earphones are a great item to be used as a corporate gift or promotional item for students. Earphones are used by people of all ages in different fields but mostly by younger people. We love them for being able to listen to our music in peace.  How often have you been stuck on your compute to work or varsity having to listen to someone else’s loud unpleasant music? Having your own earphone allows you to block out the noise. In ear earphones are designed in a way that minimizes external noises.

You can never have too many earphones. Having more than one pair means that you can keep one at home and take another with you, where ever you go.

What makes these earphones cool?

What makes these earphones cool is the anti-tangle cable. This winning feature means that your earphone cables will remain TANGLE FREE no matter how much they get tossed around in your bag. The other cool feature is the flat in-ear design. This gives your ears the most comfortable listening experience you’ve ever had. These cool anti-tangle earphones are presented in a tube. This tube can be branded with your company name and logo.

Top Features

  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • 9.9mm speaker
  • 1.2M  cable length
  • 10mW max power output
  • Flat cord (less tangling)
  • Presented in a cool tube
Can you brand the earphone case?

Yes, you can! The cool tangle-free earphones tube case can be branded to your specifications. Brand in your company colours to increase visibility for your brand. At Brand Innovation we supply, brand and deliver you earphones door to door, nationwide!!

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