Tab Solar Charger Stand TECH-4108

Tab Solar Charger Stand TECH-4108

  • Compatibility: smartphones, tablets and mobile devices
  • Size: ABS case 11.1(l) x 7(w) x 1.8(h)
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Input Current: 5V/500mAh
  • Output Current: 5V/1.2A
  • Accessories: Micro USB charging cable, velvet pouch

What is a tab solar charger stand? This is like an ordinary charging stand except it functions with solar power. A great device that uses natural resources. Brand and give it to clients as a promotional product or end of year environmentally friendly gift.

Stay ahead of the pack and go green! It comes with soft velvet pouch for you store it in and a micro USB charging cable. It has a high battery capacity to charge your tech gadgets quickly.

Important Info

  • Solar
  • Free velvet pouch
  • 2600mAh

Top promo tips

  • Brand and Go Green!!

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