Sound Waves Dynamo Solar Radio

Sound Waves Dynamo Solar Radio Code: TECH-4112

 Sound wave Solar Radio functions:

  • ABS, iron & PVC
  • 7.4 ( l ) x 5 ( w ) x 8.3 ( h )
  • high performance station selectivity & speakers
  • high sensitivity radio chip
  • built-in 300mAh/2.4V chargeable battery
  • RoHS & EMC compliant
  • solar panel
  • dynamo to generate kinetic energy
  • telescopic antenna
  • corrugated eco box: 8.5 ( l ) x 6.2 ( w ) x 10.3 ( h)


Important Info

  • modern design
  • eco friendly
  • solar powered

Top promo tips

  • Go green


Looking for an eco-friendly gift? This Solar Radio is the best choice. Everything about it is cool! From the modern design, to the sound quality and built in 300mAh chargeable battery. The Sound wave Solar Dyno radio is a high performance speaker with a built in radio. The telescopic antenna makes sure that you get the best possible frequency wherever you are.

Brand this solar operated radio to show that you care about the environment. Anyone who gets this radio will definitely remember you for going green.

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