Promotional Car Charger

PROMODRIVE Promotional Car Charger Code: TECH-4272

Promo Drive features:

  • ABS
  • 11.5 ( l ) x 3.8 ( w ) x 1.2 ( h )
  • Safety: surge & short IC protection2004 104
  • EC certified
  • Patented charges cellphones, iPad, iPhone & iPod


Important Info

  • EC certified
  • suitable with most mobile devices
  • 2 USB inputs

Top promo tips

  • Fun bright colours to suit your brand


A promodrive promotional car charger is a fun way to promote your business. With a wide variety of bright colours to choose from, you’re sure to find one that best meets your needs. These car chargers are available in orange, blue, pink and lime green. Brand Innovation is a car charger supplier in South Africa.

The promodrive is suitable for your cellphone, tablet and music devices. With two USB inputs you can charge two devices at once. Charge your phone and tablet while on your way to work, a meeting or on a weekend away.

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