Potency Tech Case

Potency Tech Case TECH-4200 Features:

  • PU & EVA
  • 12 ( l ) x 8.7 ( w ) x 4.5 ( h )
  • excludes accessories
  • Excludes contents


Important Info

  • Hard shell cover
  • accessories are not included
  • Available in black or white

Top promo tips

  • cool travel gift idea


A Tech Case is a useful item to keep all of your cables and adapters in one place. This is a great product to use when travelling. You don’t have to worry about remembering to pack all of the right cables. This tech case is big enough to fit in a mini power bank, USB cables and a car charger. The perfect promotional, travel and corporate gift. The EVA case doesn’t include all the cables and accessories. You can choose a black or white one.

Brand it with your company name or logo to add a personal touch. You can give this tech case to people of all ages. We like it because it’s compact and function. Give it to people of all ages in any industry. Everyone needs a cool case to store their cables and chargers.

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