Portable USB hub & card reader


Portable USB hub & card reader TECH-4262

Bridge Usb Hub & Card Reader features:

  • ABS
  • 12.5 ( l ) x 8.5 ( w ) x 2.5 ( h )
  • 3 USB ports SD card reader
  • micro SD card reader MS card reader
  • version 2.0
  • branding: PC

A Portable USB hub & card reader is a cool tech gadget. This USB hub has 3 flash drive ports for you to charge multiple devices at the same time. The card reader can read SD and M2 cards. So you can easily view the content on your memory cards without having to worry about needing an adaptor.  You can brand it and give to clients as an end of year gift.

Important Info

  • high end
  • 3 USB ports
  • micro SD and MS card reader

Top promo tips

  • useful end of year gift

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