Port Solar Chargers TECH-4105

Port Solar Chargers TECH-4105

  • Compatibility: mobile devices
  • Size: 10(l) x 2.6(h)
  • ABS case with integrated suction pad (can be attached to window)
  • Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Input Current: 5V/800mAh
  • Output Current: 2hrs via USB and 20hrs via sunlight
  • Accessories: USB input and retractable USB charging cable

Port solar chargers are great products. You can take it with you on anywhere. Let it charge your mobile devices in your car, on an aeroplane or at the office. We love it for its suction pad that allows it to stick to the window.

It’s a fun gift to brand with your company name or logo and give to your top clients. With so many power bank options out there to choose from you might find it hard to make the right choice. With this fun solar charger you don’t have to think twice. It comes with a retractable USB charging cable so you won’t lose it. It has a USB input if you want to charge more than one device at a time.

Important Info

  • Retractable charging cable
  • Solar
  • Suction pad
  • 1000mAh

Top promo tips

  • Fun function corporate gift

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