iPad Desk Stand

iPad Desk Stand from Gumbite:

The Gumbite Standi GIFT-9601

  • TPE rubber, ABS & silicon
  • Size: 11.5 ( l ) x 10.35 ( w ) x 3.55 ( d )
  • registered design
  • excludes STYLI

This iPad desk stand is a the ideal office gift. The Standi is a combination tablet stand and desk organizer. The front has a slot for your phone or tablet whilst the back has a cool compartment for your pens, paper clips and other knicknacks strewn about your desk. The non-slip rubber grips on the base ensures that the stand stays in place.

These cool gadgets have a modern and simplistic style that will fit in any apartment or office. We brand your logo on the front .

Important Info

  • tablet or mobile phone stand
  • desk organizer compartment
  • non-slip rubber grip base

Top promo tips

  • Great office gift

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