Car Phone Holder BD0107

Car Phone Holder BD0107

Car mobile phone holder features:

  • plastic base
  • suction cap
  • holds Samsung’s, iPhone’s and other smartphones



Important Info

  • Suction cap
  • Holds most smartphones

Top promo tips

  • Thoughtful executive gift


The Car Phone Holder is a great product. It holds your phone while you are driving. This allows you to answer your phone via voice activation without having to hold it to your ear and lose concentration. All modern smartphones can be controlled with your voice, you can send messages, answer the phone and reply to emails while you are driving. So why not choose the safe option.

This phone holder has a suction cap for you to stick it to your dashboard or desk. It is available in black and made out of plastic. This is a universal car phone holder that  has adjustable sides to fit a large variety of different smartphone sizes perfectly. It’s a great gift for people of all age. Give it to executives and employees as a corporate gift.

When you give someone a car phone holder it shows how much you value their lives. You want them to safe at all times.Everyone who is given a mobile holder loves it!

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