Promotional Power Banks South Africa

Promotional Power Banks South Africa. Power banks are one of our best selling technology gadgets. Brand Innovation is a leading supplier of funky tech gadgets, promotional products and corporate gifts and clothing in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Have a look at our power bank comparisons HERE –

What are Promotional Power Banks?

A portable power bank is a compact portable power supply which can charge your mobile devices on the go.

A power bank is  great item to brand and use as a corporate gift. With the upcoming holiday season why not use a portable power bank as an end of year travel gift. Power banks are a MUST HAVE travel companion. A powerbank can keep your tablet, laptop and smartphone charged on your travels. a great tech gadget to use when camping. Just recharge your power bank before hand to ensure you get maximum use out of your portable power supply.

Power banks are loved by anyone and everyone. They can be used at the office, on an aeroplane, at the beach, in your car or even at home.

Promotional Power Banks

What are the best portable power banks?

Choosing the best power bank varies from person to person. We have a great selection of affordable and high-end power banks to choose from. Our top power bank picks include;

  • Zoom Energy Bar
  • Zoom Energy Bar Pro
  • Zoom Energy Extreme
  • Zoom Energy Square

Extra Functions:

The above mentioned power banks vary in size and weight. Some come with cool functions such; built-in flash light, being shock resistant and splash resistant.

Our Zoom power banks are of a high quality and can be branded to your specifications. Choose one that best meets your branding needs!


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