NAB Solar Charger TECH-4250

 NAB Solar Charger TECH-4250

  • Compatibility: iPhone4, iPhone5, android phones and other mobile devices
  • Size: 8(l) x 5.3(w) x 1.7(h)
  • ABS with silicon case
  • Capacity: 550mAh
  • Input Current: 5V 0-1.5A
  • Output Current: 5V 1A
  • Discharge Time: 1hr via USB and 10hrs via sunlight
  • Accessories: Micro USB and mini USB connectors, USB input

Looking for a cost effective power bank? The NAB solar charger is a great environmentally friendly friend. It is one of the most compatible chargers for most mobile devices. It has an ABS silicon case that comes in a variety of colours.

With a fast recharge time, who wouldn’t love it? When you give it to someone they will remember you for caring about the environment. People of all ages appreciate this thoughtful gift. It comes with a micro USB with mini USB connectors attached. It also includes a USB input on the device if you want to charge something else.

Important Info

  • Includes micro USB and mini USB connectors
  • 550mAh

Top promo tips

  • Use as Eco-friendly promotional gift

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